Adobe Indesign Trainings
About In this training we design documents for prints and digital media. These are posters, books, business cards digital magazines, eBooks, and PDFs.
You will get to know the right tools, know them and control panels.
Content Layout / Typography basics / And many other important basics

About In this course we will convert waste products and (visible) useless materials into new products.
Meaningful new things for everyday life are created from old ones.
Content Printing techniques for old T-shirts and bags /
Dream houses / Collages / Glass painting
Materials Paper / Cardboard / Scraps of fabric / Wool / Other materials

About In this course we learn exciting stories about
Asterix, Obelix and Donald Duck.
Content We invent new characters with names, strengths and weaknesses.
What do your superheroes and villains look like?
Then everyone creates their own comic.
Materials Feld pens / Fineliner / Pencil / Colored pencils

Painting & Creation
About In this course we get to know different painting and design techniques.
Content Collages / Printing techniques / Relaxation exercises / Free painting / Drawing portraits / Sketching / And much more
Materials Pencils / Crayons / Paint / Fineliner / Oil pastel / Ink

Bag Printing
Materials Linocut / Organic bags